Logistics Platform

Together with rail transport, the purpose of Dinazzano Po SpA is also the direct management of freight railway stations located in the province of Reggio Emilia and more precisely Dinazzano Scalo, 130,000 square meters of surface, in theheart of the ceramic district of Sassuolo and located in the Municipality of Casalgrande (RE), and San Giacomo 13,000 square meters, located in the Municipality of Guastalla (RE) in the lower Reggiana, at the service of the steel industry and a basin of small and medium-sized enterprises with different activities.
The Dinazzano Scalo platform today is multifunctional and serves several operators in the sector such as:

  • DB Schenker Italiana SpA
  • Spinelli Srl
  • Messina SpA
  • RailHub
  • Cargo Clay Logistica
  • GLT Logistica

operating in the intermodal sector, in the palletised sector and in the raw materials sector loaded in bulk.
Since 2012 Dinazzano Po has been certified as a railway company, thus offering logistics services at “360 degrees” to all its customers. The Dinazzano Scalo platform is also ISO 140001 certified.
Check out the Certifications section to learn more.