Transparent Company

General provisions

DP, in relation to its ownership, pursuant to Legislative Decree 175/2016, is a non-controlling public holding company; it operates in the market for logistics and rail freight transport (it does not provide services of general economic interest).

It is controlled by TPER Spa, which on 15/9/2017, perfected an operation to issue financial instruments, placing itself on the regulated market pursuant to and for the effects of Article 26, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree 175/2016.

The Board of Directors of DP, resolution of 22.2.2018 – in relation to the transparency and corruption prevention obligations that compete with investee companies not subject to public control and in accordance with the ANAC Guidelines of 8.11.2017 – has decided, starting from the 2018 financial year, to assign to the Supervisory Body the functions of control and monitoring of publication obligations in the field of transparency and , with regard to the prevention of corruption and will implement the Management and Control Model (MOG 231), with organization and management measures suitable to prevent corrupting cases in accordance with the indications provided by the aforementioned guidelines.

Statuto sociale DP

Top administrative positions

Board of Directors

Deadline: date of approval of the 2022 Financial Statements

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Organizational structure

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Other content

  • CIVIC ACCESS (ex art. 5 D. Lgs. 33/2013)

What is civicaccess is the right of anyone to request documents, information or data of DP S.p.a. limited to activities of public interest carried out.
How to exercise the right

The request, bearing the heading “civic access ex art. 5 of the” is free of charge, must not be justified and must be addressed to the following certified e-mail address:

The procedureThe procedure is governed by Art. 5.del and is subject to the limitations referred to in Art. 5a of the same decree.
DP S.p.a. after receiving the request, transmits it to the subject matter manager and informs the applicant. Within thirty days, the Company proceeds according to the terms and modalities of the Law.
However, the proceedings are concluded by DP S.p.a., unless they are identified against interested parties, within thirty days of receipt of the request.

Protection of civic access

Against decisions and against silence on the request for
civic access related to the non-compliance with transparency obligations, the applicant may appeal to the administrative court pursuant to Legislative Decree 104/2010.

Pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Art. 13 of EU Reg. No. 679/2016, DP S.p.a. informs that: the processing of the data provided with the request for civic access are aimed at carrying out its institutional functions in relation to the procedure initiated; the processing will be carried out in computerised and/or manual methods; the provision of data is mandatory for the correct development of the investigation and other procedural obligations; failure to provide some or all of the requested data entails the cancellation of the procedure due to the impossibility of carrying out the necessary investigation. The declarant may exercise the rights referred to in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and In Articles 196/2003 and in Articles 15 and 15 of the Treaty. 16 and of The EU Reg. n. 679/2016 (amendment, updating, deletion of data, etc.) having as a reference the person responsible for the processing of the same for DP S.p.a. Data controller is DP S.p.a.; in charge of the processing is the company staff in charge there.

Access log as of June 30, 2020

Applicants’ data are omitted to protect privacy as mitted by applicable law.

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Generalized civic access

The request can be forwarded to the Secretariat Office – – telephone 0522-445700

  • Checks and surveys on the administration of the company.

Attestation of the OIV or other similar structure in the fulfilment of publication obligations
Pursuant to ANAC Resolution No. 141/2019 and subsequent resolution no. 213/2020 (“OIV claims, or structures with similar functions, on the fulfilment of the publication obligations and supervisory activities of the Authority”) in this section are published the detection grid, the summary sheet and the attestation of the Supervisory Body of DP S.p.A. on the fulfilment of monitoring obligations in the field of transparency.


Detection grid

Summary sheet

Transparent Company

DP has updated this section of the site by publishing its responsibilities according to the ANAC 2017 Guidelines – and its Annex 1 – on transparency (ANAC Determination no. 1134 of 8/11/2017 replacing Determination n.8 of 17/6/2015) with reference to companies with total public non-controlling participation, as it is DP, as controlled by TPER Spa, which is also listed on the regulated market.
DP, in fact, is subject to the publication costs referred to in legislative decree. 33/2013 for companies with public non-controlling holdings and limited to public interest activities carried out.