Dinazzano Po

Railway Company, Railway Stopover & Logistics Platform

The purpose of our company is the rail transport of goods in the Emilia Romagna Region and manoeuvring services in the main railway stations of the Region. Together with rail transport, the purpose of Dinazzano Po Spa is also the direct management of freight railway stations locatedin the province of Reggio Emilia and more precisely in Dinazzano Scalo, 130,000 square meters of surface,in the heart of the ceramic district of Sassuolo and located in the Municipality of Casalgrande (RE), and San Giacomo,13,000 square meters, located in the Municipality of Guastalla (RE) in the lower Reggiana, at the service of the steel industry and a basin of small and medium-sized enterprises with different activities.


DINAZZANO PO Spa is formed on 12/04/2002 by:

  • “Azienda Consorziale Trasporti di Reggio Emilia”, which had the Reggio/Ciano and Guastalla/Reggio/Sassuolo railway lines in operation in addition to the management of the Dinazzano freight hub.
  • “Ferrovie Emilia Romagna Srl”, which had the Parma/Guastalla/Suzzara, Suzzara/Ferrara, Bologna/Portomaggiore, Casalecchio/Vignola and Ferrara/Codigoro lines in operation.

DINAZZANO PO SPA then began to operate, introducing significant innovations in railway logistics, combining traction services purchased by Railway Companies, with logistics and terminalization services to provide customers with “door to door” freight packages. New rail connections are introduced with the port of Ravenna which, due to the limited distance from the ceramic district, was served exclusively by road services. This is followed by rail connections to the ports of Genoa, Livorno and La Spezia, which join the historic connections with Germany, France and other important European markets. Subsequently, a small freight port was inaugurated in San Giacomo di Guastalla (RE) which allows to serve an important company in the processing of steels. At the Dinazzano hub the volume of traffic has increased from 1,700,000 ton in 2001 to over 3,500,000 ton in 2019. In the Guastalla San Giacomo hub about 500,000 ton/year are terminalized. The Company has gained experience over the years by organizing and collaborating in the organization of traction and maneuvering services. It has also played a decisive role on the commercial front, acquiring new trades and customers.

In October 2012, the railway license issued by the Ministry of Transport was obtained, while in July 2013 the process to obtain certification under the European Directive 2004/49 transposed in Italy with Legislative Decree 162/07.

In 2014 Dinazzano PO obtained the safety certificate part A and part B issued by ANSF on the national railway infrastructure of the GI RFI, and the safety certificate by the INFRASTRUCTURE Manager RES.
In 2019, following the issue of the security authorisation to gi FER, pursuant to DM 05/08/2016, the Part B safety certificate issued by ANSF was extended to the GI FER lines. In 2020 Dinazzano PO obtained the Unique Security Certificate valid on the GI RFI and FER network issued by ANSF.