Scalo ferroviario Reggio Emilia

DINAZZANO PO SpA performs the following types of transports:
Railway freights, including weighing service for trains above 1,600 tons (ref. Italian Law General Preface of Service Timetable Art. 60) ;
Transport of hazardous materials as per Italian Law Chapter 2.1 of RID, with exception of Classes 1 and 7.
Waste Transports, 4C class (collection and transportation of special nonhazardous waste) and 5F class (Collection and transportation of hazardous waste)

The system defined by DINAZZANO PO SPA provides the execution of the above mentioned transport typologies on selected lines of the national railway infrastructure managed by RFI and on the lines of the regional railway infrastructure Emilia Romagna managed by FER.

Dinazzano Po SpA also carries out dedicated rolling shunting services, train assembling and technical verifications at the following railway stations:

  • Dinazzano (RE);
  • Guastalla (RE);
  • Rubiera (RE);
  • Reggio Emilia;
  • Ferrara;
  • Bondeno (FE);
  • Ravenna;
  • Modena.

Our numbers

YEAR 2018 Train movement Commercial trains freights directed to FER/DP railway stations


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  • Address: Scalo Ferroviario - Dinazzano RE

  • Phone: +39 0522 849240

  • Fax: +39 0522 771100

  • Email: