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Scalo ferroviario Reggio Emilia

The Dinazzano rail yard is a public structure designed to lighten part of the heavy traffic in the Emilia Romagna Region via railway transport, thereby delivering unquestionable environmental benefits in terms of both lower air pollution and less traffic congestion, which is assessed to be around 110,000 lorries per year. Even today, after joining the TPER group, as a dealer and managing company, Dinazzano Po lists respect and environmental protection among its priorities when carrying out its activities within a rail yard that has now doubled in size. It remains greatly committed to pursuing not only economic/financial, social, etc. objectives, but also to respect the environment and prevent pollution, the fruit not of random actions as ends in themselves, but rather resulting from an environmental policy that is supported at all levels. This policy is realized at the heart of its Environmental Management System, certified with standard UNI EN ISO 14001, in objectives and operational programmes inspired by a constant improvement in efficiency with regard to the environment, and in particular:

  • managing activities in compliance with current laws and regulations
  • controlling the emissions produced in intense movement activities
  • using energy rationally and efficiently
  • spreading the environmental culture among all operators in the rail yard
  • expanding rail-yard activities as a positive element in reducing the overall environmental impact due to merchandise transport

Pursuing these objective therefore implies the use of not only operational prevention tools and/or the reduction of environmental impacts (methods, machines, technologies, etc.), but also recourse to different means, such as promotion, communication, public incentives, etc., because they work to expand rail-yard activities, which are seen as an opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of merchandise transport.

We underline the importance of this Environmental Policy and its contents and will constantly work so that it is understood and implemented by everyone, continuously generating managerial and technological improvements that will be necessary to pursue it.

Dinazzano, March 2019
Dinazzano Po spa


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